Upgrade for the security concept

Access control systems secure buildings and premises in all phases of a company. The planning of all components, the desired behaviour and the emergency scenarios are recorded in the security concept. However, this should not be rigidly adhered to over time, but must adapt to growing requirements and grow together with the company. For this reason, it is important that you decide right at the beginning on a system that is compatible in the long term and that can still meet your individual requirements even after several expansion stages.

ISGUS terminals and access readers are the ideal solution. We offer you a wide range of possibilities to secure passages at the most diverse locations. With transponders, personalised chip cards or even biometrically, you have the possibility to identify yourself and thus gain access. The security concept can include different time zones, so that employees only have access rights within a certain time frame, or individual access zones to which only certain employees have access. If it is not possible to modify the door or lay a cable for structural reasons, our electronic door handles are the ideal alternative. Access rights are transferred directly to the badge when the main entrance is opened or when logging in at a time recording terminal and are then available there for a freely definable period of time.

However, security concepts do not only include internal processes, but also manage the process of external persons, such as visitors. New requirements have arisen in this area, especially due to the Corona pandemic, which can be directly implemented with the ISGUS visitor management. Information on the visit to the company can be communicated as early as the appointment coordination stage, so that the visit is easier on the day in question. Registration at the reception can take place completely contact-free via the ISGUS kiosk terminals. If required, a safety briefing can also be given directly here. Each visitor is thus automatically documented and can be listed, for example, for contact tracking.

With ISGUS access control and the associated hardware solutions, you have a long-term compatible security system at your disposal that guarantees your company security today and tomorrow. Contact us for an individual consultation.