Transformation into the new world of work » The working world 4.0 brings changes with it

Shortage of skilled workers becomes an ongoing issue for human resources managers

While the proportion of older people in the population in Germany is steadily increasing, the number of people of working age is continuously decreasing. The Federal Statistical Office expects the number of people over 67 to increase from 15.9 million in 2018 to 21 million in 2039. The gap between the older group and the working-age population is widening significantly. From 51.8 million, the number will level off at around 46 million by 2035. Without immigration, the number would develop even more drastically.

Working world 4.0

Clear scenarios are in the offing. Companies from all industries and sectors will have to deal with the bottleneck of people as a resource. At the same time, digitalisation, globalisation and individualisation are becoming increasingly important in a changed world of work. Under the term Work 4.0, the topics of flexibility, mobility, agile organisational structures and the networking of man and machine are at the forefront of human resource planning. Only smart IT solutions can counteract weak personnel structures and new working methods.

Digital workforce planning

Intelligent software solutions link three essential factors for personnel scheduling: quantity, quality and time. The ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and ZEUS® Time & Attendance software modules from ISGUS were developed for optimising Staff Scheduling and support companies in optimising staffing levels according to demand, qualification and availability. The software is designed in such a way that simultaneously additions and departures as well as the qualifications and skills of the employees are taken into account from a time perspective. Analyses are another advantage, which serves to optimise staff scheduling. The results show a clear recommendation for action from which appropriate measures can be derived. 

Transformation into the new world of work

The working world 4.0 brings changes with it. Internal processes, organisational structures and the qualification of employees will undergo a transformation. New forms of work will come into play. Agile working, design thinking, scrum, holacracy are supposed to promote self-determined working and a higher output. Once implemented, these methodologies have a positive impact on efficiency and productivity. This is no easy task for companies, as it means "operating with an open heart". The development and implementation of new processes must be implemented step by step during ongoing business operations. Professional Staff Scheduling and Time & Attendance like ZEUS® from ISGUS are indispensable to successfully implement the transformation. The sophisticated system deploys employees exactly where they are needed according to their qualifications. Fluctuations, changes at short notice and too high or too low workloads can thus be absorbed.

Qualification of staff

An important issue in overcoming weak staff structures is the qualification of staff. Staff must be able to cope with future tasks. A lack of qualifications can massively hinder the quality of performance and processes. This is a weakness that modern companies cannot afford. Here, too, the intelligent IT solutions from ISGUS are in demand. Smart analysis tools provide a view of individual qualification needs, from which respective further training measures are derived. In addition to the economic factor, there is also greater employee satisfaction. After all, a good working atmosphere, motivation and loyalty lead to an optimal result.