Time Recording and Shift planning » in healthcare

Particularly when it comes to issues such as compliance with the minimum number of weekends off or observance of the maximum daily working hours in terms of the new collective agreement, the digital workforce management solution from ISGUS is an enormous asset for hospitals. Our solution includes modern time recording and duty scheduling.

The time management data can be seen immediately, from anywhere and at any time in real time in the staff schedulingThis ensures that hospitals can plan staffing reliably, legally and at the same time in line with the treatment process of the patients. In addition, planning is facilitated by warning functions in the event of impending violations.

We show you realistic optimisation potentials with which you can noticeably relieve the personnel costs of your company and at the same time improve the motivation and self-determination of the employees. At the same time, ISGUS Workforce Management with workflows, automatic notifications, the team manager and the digital shift exchange significantly simplifies numerous standard processes and creates noticeable relief and more transparency.

If you too - like many other municipal hospitals already do today - want to benefit from digital workforce management, then contact us. We will be happy to advise you.