Time Management at hospitals

New demands on the “Tarifgemeinschaft deutscher Länder” (TdL) were set by the “Marburger Bund” at the beginning of 2020. With the desired changes and of course with the Corona crisis, the demands on digital solutions for Time & Attendance, billing and planning of medical services are growing.

Complex legal and collective bargaining regulations cause high organizational effort for the planning and accounting of working hours. The ISGUS solution takes into account the legal and tariff regulations from TVöD, TV-L und TV-Ä in the creation of duty rosters as well as in time recording and billing. At the same time, the ISGUS Workforce Management with workflows, automatic notifications, the team manager and the digital shift swap significantly simplifies numerous standard processes and creates noticeable relief and more transparency.

We will show you realistic optimisation potentials with which you can noticeably relieve the personnel cost of your company and at the same time improve motivation and self-determination of your employees. Please feel free to contact us for more information.