Time is money » Labour costs in Germany around 30% above the EU average

Companies must have time management under control

According to statistics from the German Federal Office, the average wage in Germany in 2021 was 37.30 euros per hour worked, and 41.90 euros in industry. Labour costs are made up of two components: gross earnings and non-wage labour costs. This puts Germany in fourth place in the manufacturing sector in an EU comparison. Costs with which German industrial companies have to calculate hard in order to keep up with competing companies from abroad. Here, every cent and every working hour counts. To ensure that expensive working hours do not go to waste, an intelligent time management system is needed that has time management under control.

Cost trap without optimal personnel planning and time management

In times when material and energy costs are going through the roof, companies have to pay even more attention to their personnel costs. Wasting costly man-hours due to poor processes is unsustainable. The possibility of manually controlling and mapping these processes optimally is quickly exhausted, even with a small number of employees. Staff Scheduling and Time & Attendance must mesh as precisely as clockwork. This is where IT-supported time management systems such as ZEUS® Workforce Management, developed by ISGUS, take over. The software solutions combine legal, collective bargaining and company requirements with the individual time accounts of the employees. Even the automated recording of working times via a terminal, tablet or PC and the ZEUS® App reduces the workload for personnel managers many times over.

Data, facts, analyses

Often the "bottle leak" in a company cannot be clearly identified. Only a smart data analysis tool can provide a transparent picture of where valuable working time is wasted. Well-founded evaluations with clear data and key figures create the necessary transparency to identify and stop unwelcome cost guzzlers. The advantages of fast access to all relevant data in real time are obvious and apply to all departments, from management to shift workers. Short paths and clear processes save time and thus money. The savings achieved by a system like ZEUS® Workflow Management are reflected positively in the balance sheet at the end of the year.

Staff shortages - they don't have to be!

Sick days are a thorn in the side of all companies. And yet it is human nature for people to fall ill and not be able to do their work. Fortunately, by using smart software solutions such as ZEUS® Workforce Management, companies can cushion even short-term changes in plans. Lost working hours - that doesn't have to be the case. State-of-the-art IT technologies make it possible to schedule various resources such as machines, vehicles and employees quickly and flexibly. Spontaneous changes and even an independent shift change are possible due to the access of all participants to current data and events independent of the location. Staff shortages can be resolved at short notice and gaps can be filled quickly. It's amazing what a personnel management system can do to reduce lost working hours.

Germany as an industrial country

Despite the harmonisation of all member states of the European Union, there is still a considerable gap in the labour cost levels of the various countries, according to German federal statistics. Denmark tops the list in both manufacturing and economic services with an average hourly wage of 48.30 euros, followed by Belgium, Sweden and Germany. Italy, Spain and Slovenia rank in the middle wage range with 20.80 euros to 28.50 euros, while Romania and Bulgaria bring up the rear with 8.20 euros and 6.80 euros respectively. The challenges posed by high personnel costs will not diminish for German companies in the near future. It is therefore all the more important to give high priority to human resources and to use them efficiently.

The use of a system such as ZEUS® Workflow Management will therefore become increasingly important in the future and a "must have" for all companies.