Time for the important things – workforce management from ISGUS takes care of the rest

HR managers know the struggle with time and the pressure from the upper ranks. It is not always easy to fulfil all requirements. Recurring and time-consuming tasks such as managing applications, creating job offers and employment contracts, preparing for interviews, coordinating onboarding processes, managing absences and much more - the to-do list seems endless. At the end of the day, there is generally not enough time. This makes it difficult for those responsible to do justice to everything and everyone. Yet people are not just valuable capital, they are first and foremost human beings with preferences, expectations and needs that HR managers need to be sensitive to.

More time for strategic tasks

Many activities are routine and usually repetitive. These processes can be easily automated. ZEUS® HR Management, ZEUS® Time and Attendance and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling take over the driving force and leave the HR team in charge. By automating routine processes, enormous time savings can be realised, which ultimately benefit the HR staff's time account. Finally enough time to devote to important things. Free rein for creative minds. Now strategic planning and the development of employees can be realised in a relaxed manner.

Eliminating cost pressure

Cost reduction and savings have not only been on the table since the energy crisis. Companies and institutions must always think and act economically in order to withstand the constant cost pressure. Every process that can be optimised and designed efficiently helps to maintain the balance between expenditure and income. It is self-explanatory that an investment in a system such as ZEUS® Workforce Management pays for itself within a very short time. This is because it is not only the expenditure on personnel and resources that is reduced, but also the direct access to data and the rapid exchange of information between different departments that offers considerable savings potential.

Data quality par excellence

No manual administration can compete with a software-based database. The error rate when using HR software is almost zero. In terms of security, this is a big plus for every HR manager. You can rely on the data. The software facilitates precise and responsible maintenance, management and storage of sensitive data. Strict data protection regulations are no longer a cause for concern. At the same time, the use of the digital database significantly increases the quality of the data. Compulsory fields in the menu urge correct entries and refuse inadequate information. This creates a thoroughly standardised and clean data structure. As a result, meaningful reports can be created at the touch of a button, which can be used as a basis for decision-making.

Compliance and legal requirements at a glance

Labour laws and other legal regulations are a world of their own. When company and collective bargaining regulations are added to the mix, personnel administration can quickly become confusing. Without support, there is a high risk of overlooking one of the many different requirements or making mistakes. Intelligent IT solutions such as ZEUS® Time and Attendance are a great help. This is because they have already stored all the legal requirements and at the same time have an overview of personal data such as working hours, holidays and sick notes. The management of personal data is sensitive. Strict laws protect employees from their data flowing into opaque channels. The sensitive handling of data is paramount. ISGUS has developed a suitable solution for this important area. ZEUS® Software as a Service hosts personnel data in its own data centre in Germany. Our cloud solution is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and takes away the fear of data theft. The software modules from ISGUS offer sufficient protection not only for HR managers; it is of course in everyone's interest that personal data does not fall into the hands of third parties.