Time & Attendance in the ISGUS Cloud - ZEUS® is the optimal solution for logistics companies

The fast pace of life in the logistics industry presents numerous companies with new challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this further and permanently changed numerous processes. Delayed deliveries, gaps in the shelves of supermarkets and hardware stores, increased prices for many products. All of this is the result of a difficult global logistics situation. The associated costs and failures ultimately end up with the consumer and hamper the economy. In order to prevent this, some things have to change. Fortunately, a multitude of technical innovations promise to relieve the burden on drivers who are already working, which can stabilize the entire supply chain. New innovative technology could bring the liberating increase in performance for the industry.

In this regard, ZEUS® Time & Attendance is considered to be the optimal solution for the logistics industry. With the help of ZEUS® Time & Attendance, logistics companies are able to use objective and improved recording of working hours. Thanks to the ZEUS® X mobile App, your employees can record working times from anywhere and at any time, which increases transparency within the company. A special feature in this regard is the company's own data center on the company premises in Villingen-Schwenningen. ISGUS offers you the opportunity to outsource your ZEUS® Time & Attendance as an innovative Software as a Service solution. Benefit from the latest technology and maximum data security in the ISGUS data center.

Another advantage of ZEUS® Workforce Management is the optimal interaction of ZEUS® Time & Attendance with ZEUS® Staff Scheduling. In view of the shortage of skilled workers and the resulting personnel bottlenecks, ZEUS® Workforce Management enables real-time planning, which allows you to react immediately to events in order to deploy the right employees in the right place at the right time. The entire ZEUS® Workforce Management is available as Software as a Service and offers logistics companies considerable added value!