Time and Attendance for city administration, municipal administration and public utilities

A well organised municipality owes its success especially to its citizens. Cooperation, voluntary commitment and assistance – even in difficult times. In the background, it is the task of the municipal administration to serve all fields of action to the satisfaction of all those involved, to interlink them and particularly to organise them optimally.

It is not done with the work at the citizens' office and handing out parking tickets. The perception of the citizens is often deceptive. Hardly anyone recognises how personnel-intensive a city administration is, as many processes and decisions are executed in the background.

In order to maintain an overview, city administrations, municipalities and public utilities rely on the Time and Attendance solution from ISGUS. In administrative organisations it is particularly important to fully exploit the advantages of digitisation and keep track of working and project times. Additionally it is important to not only use time recording, but also time management as a whole in a mobile and flexible way.

ZEUS® Time and Attendance can optimally be used by city administrations of any size and can be expanded by Cost & Activity Monitoring, Staff Scheduling and Access Control for an comprehensive Workforce Management at any time.


More than 2,500 installations and projects at federal and state authorities, in municipalities and public utilities demonstrate our experience and reliability when it comes to the successful introduction of time management, the implementation of complete, chronologically and objectively ordered recording of all business processes or when dealing with Access Control for schools, offices and public buildings.