The way to a new digital normality

Through the prohibition of contact, the German government has avoided an overload of hospitals and clinics. Also manufacturing companies had provided a good protection of their employees through shift work and home office. In the beginning of this time they weren’t sure, if home office would decrease employee productivity and motivation, but it doesn’t become true. The problem, that meetings couldn’t take place, was deserved by telephone conference calls.

Moreover, some companies had to introduce short time work, which causes new challenges like the planning and booking of short time work days. Many also saw the booking of working hours in the home office as a problem.

With ZEUS® Workforce Management from ISGUS you have an uncomplicated solution to avoid these problems. Our software offers a wide range of measures. Within the web-based functionalities and the ZEUS® X mobile app you can clock in our out flexibly wherever you are. Furthermore, it is possible to request holidays or flexitimes, check balances or start approval runs. This enables more transparency for the employees and relieves supervisors and HR.

Working has changed through the current situation. Companies were forced to change their processes and many of them considering these now as good. Through digitalized working with options such as home office, companies can give their employees more flexibility and self-determination. And all this without losing workforce management functions.