The smartphone as an all-rounder in everyday business life

Nothing has become more established in the last decade than the use of smartphones. The mobile all-rounders are also becoming an increasingly important part of everyday business life. The advantages are many and varied. Now that mobile forms of work are becoming more and more established and modern management requirements are aimed at flexible and location-independent work, smartphones are a useful tool for a variety of processes.

Mobile communication is, of course, an obvious choice. Via messenger services or by phone, colleagues and team members can coordinate and discuss project progress. Files can also be exchanged. But beyond that, you can get even more out of your smartphone with additional app installations. With the ISGUS apps, you can optimally integrate your employees into Workforce Management so that they can also make bookings or view the duty roster while on the move.

ZEUS® mobile is the app for mobile recording of working times. But the functions go far beyond that. For example, employees can submit an absence request for their next holiday directly on the device, view the current balance, open an attendance overview of all colleagues or enter desired shifts for the upcoming planning cycle. The app can also be personalised via the individual selection of favourites.

With ZEUS® smartID you can use your smartphone as a booking medium for time recording and access control. The device communicates with the ISGUS terminals via Bluetooth and can thus identify you, for example, for access at the entrance. Compared to conventional booking media, this process is possible from a much greater distance and can therefore also be used ideally for barriers or rolling gates.