The new ISGUS IT 8210 Face Recognition terminal

Fast and reliable identification check for time bookings and all functions that are available on the time recording terminal IT 8210 thanks to individual role profiles. The IT 8210 Face Recognition can do it! With three cameras, two integrated full HD cameras and one infrared camera for life detection, the IT 8210 terminals identifies authorised users absolutely safely and reliably. No ID card is required for this.

The face field detection is activated via an integrated motion detector and identifies the user with captivating reliability and at a speed of less than 0.8 seconds. Even when a person is wearing a Covid protection mask, the face field recognition with the IT 8210 FR is working optimally. The decisive values for the practical suitability of any biometric recognition are the rate of false acceptance, which is 1:1,000,000, and the rate of correct recognition. With the ISGUS solution, this is 99.76%. Both parameters are excellent for the camera module used by ISGUS.

Compared to different manufacturers, where the enrollment takes places at the device itself, the enrolment of the biometric data at ISGUS takes places via a separate enrolment kit. This allows our customers to record the biometric data of their employees conveniently in the office. 

Recognition through digital fingerprint

As with facial field recognition, each person's fingerprint is unique and does not change over the course of a lifetime. With the use of biometric time and attendance terminals, with facial field recognition and/or fingerprint identification, the security of your employees' identification is significantly increased.