The implementation of new working environments

Companies in all sectors are focusing on the implementation of new working environments and advertising modernity. Often the development of the NEW WORK idea is behind this, which is increasingly becoming the standard. But NEW WORK is much more than just a home office offer for employees and more flexible working hours. The idea relates to the entire company and all processes, as well as the people involved. After the term was mainly used in the IT sector, agility is increasingly being used in medium-sized and large companies. Flexibility in working hours and location is of course an important factor and digitisation continues to determine the approach of many, but agile processes also mean short, manageable planning cycles and an adapted management approach.

Furthermore, interdisciplinary teams work closer together despite physical distance. Leaders delegate responsibility more often and lead teams in a different way than was previously the case. The implementation of new working environments is therefore not only related to the "new" forms of work caused by the effects of the corona pandemic, but describes much more.

New Workforce Management is therefore also coming into focus for the control and management of employees at various locations. This refers to the use of modern technologies for recording working hours and planning staff. Access to constantly updated data concerning the planning and evaluation of working hours enables comfortable and flexible working. With ZEUS®, the digital workforce management from ISGUS, you can easily enable your employees to book while on the move and to view current duty rosters, which promotes modern, mobile working. It facilitates team coordination without the need to fill out cumbersome forms and pass them around. Use the ISGUS solution to implement new working environments.