The health care system in times of Covid-19

In times of coronavirus, nurses and doctors are burdened even more than they already are. Even before this pandemic, there were repeated strikes by health workers, as there was often too little staff available or allocated to patients. One nurse has to take care of an average of 10 patients on a ward. If a colleague is unexpectedly absent, they have to take care of even more patients. Healthcare workers are essential and their work should be made easier through good planning. For this reason, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling and time and attendance is a great relief for this industry and it is becoming increasingly important, because nursing cannot take place without employees and good planning.

ZEUS® Access Control, just like time recording is becoming more and more present in times when security is important for health. Every hospital must be able to decide who is allowed to enter which building and go through which door.

With ZEUS® Access Control and our terminals for access control you can easily and individually organize exactly that. For example, you can assign different access rights to doctors, nurses, interns or administrative staff and manage them flexibly and clearly using the inheritance principle. The access rights can also be temporarily extended or restricted.

Even though there are many problems in the health care system that cannot be solved easily, there is a good solution for planning errors in personnel and incorrect billing of nurses' and doctors' time.

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling in combination with ZEUS® Time and Attendance enables easy and organised planning and overview of work shifts. With our solution, you can optimally adapt your staff to the bed occupancy and the degree of patient care. This way, nursing staff and doctors can be relieved and you can plan your hospital or nursing home in an economically optimal way.