The Better Normal - is digital!

COVID-19 and its consequences will continue to shape the economy and society, state and administration in 2021. As soon as the measures
to contain the pandemic and the state subsidies take effect, all organisations, from industrial companies to service providers to public institutions, will have the historically unique opportunity to look at existing structures, processes and ways of working through the prism of "digitalisation" anew, to think and to change.

Experts expect this shift in thinking to constitute a "better normal" in the post-Corona economy. Robust, agile, future-proof digital technologies will ensure new growth - as an evolutionary consequence of the previous pandemic-related limitations. The most important changes concern the areas of industrial production, automation of administration and machines, forms of work, further education and secure infrastructures.

In Better Normal, the value of a company is remeasured. The focus is on the ability to transform processes and employees into a highly automated reality with new structures and digital systems. Naturally, this means that the market for IT is growing at a disproportionate rate. One reason for this is that the digitisation projects that were stopped during the past year are now being pushed forward. Only those who digitise their organisation intelligently will be able to increase their competitiveness. Therefore, solutions around automated production and remote maintenance are in demand; furthermore: IT systems for collaboration, for health and education, for IT security as well as for network and energy management. Video conferencing, document management and home office applications will dominate the new working day.