Take off digitally and reach for the "clouds"

In an increasingly digitalised business world, IT infrastructures must function efficiently and securely at all times. A failure would have a huge impact on operations and would incur high costs. Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling and Production Data Capture are an important part of the IT landscape in which data security and reliability are essential. In their own data centres, with limited storage capacity and constantly increasing data volumes, companies quickly reach their limits. Smooth data exchange becomes a balancing act. This is where the ZEUS® Cloud comes into play - an innovative solution from ISGUS that helps companies to improve their data flow and at the same time manage their personnel data with maximum security.

Take off to the ISGUS Cloud

Outsourcing software applications to the cloud offers numerous advantages, from lower costs to relieving the burden on internal IT departments. ISGUS has adapted to this development and offers the ZEUS® Time and Attendance solution in its own cloud. All necessary resources, such as computer environments, operating systems and administration, are provided as a service. Sensitive personnel data is strictly guarded. This is because the ISGUS data centre is certified in accordance with the strict guidelines of ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This guarantees the highest standards in terms of data protection and data security.

On cloud 7 with ZEUS® Cloud

One example of the successful use of ZEUS® Software as a Service is a medium-sized company that previously operated its time recording and workforce scheduling on its own servers. By switching to the ISGUS Cloud solution, they were able to reduce their IT costs by 30% and increase efficiency. Employees now have undisturbed access to time recording and their individual accounts via the Internet from anywhere.

The implementation of ZEUS® Software as a Service also brings further benefits:

  • Cost structure optimisation: By outsourcing time recording to the cloud, companies can reduce their IT costs. They only pay for the resources they actually use instead of operating expensive hardware and infrastructure themselves.
  • Planning security for the IT budget: With ZEUS® Software as a Service, companies receive clear cost forecasts that enable them to plan their IT budget efficiently. There are no unexpected costs or expensive maintenance work. With the cloud solution, costs are transparent and clear.
  • Added value through integration: The ISGUS solution offers modules for time and attendance, staff scheduling and production data capture. By integrating these modules into the cloud solution, companies receive a holistic approach to optimising their personnel deployment and securing sensitive areas.
  • Maximum availability: ISGUS ensures that data is available at all times. With a professional infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, downtime is virtually impossible. Data transfer takes place at any time and any place.

At a time when security, efficiency and cost optimisation are of central importance, ZEUS® Cloud from ISGUS offers a forward-looking solution for companies of all sizes. By outsourcing time and attendance to the ISGUS Cloud, they not only receive first-class security for personnel data, but also the opportunity to utilise their IT budget efficiently and thereby create competitive advantages.