Staff Scheduling in the public sector » make your workforce management more flexible

Complex and flexible conditions are becoming more and more important within the public service. In recent years, working times have become more flexible and there has long been a consensus in human resources management that the importance of flexible working times will become even more important. However, implementing them in a digitised world is not always easy. Especially in the area of Workforce Managementflexibility is a foreign word for many systems and therefore hinders authorities or public institutions in the efficient design of their work processes.

Reliable and digital Staff Scheduling ensures more transparency in the public service and thus makes every day work more efficient. Likewise, it is also prevented that too many employees are deployed at the same time, who hinder themselves more than doing the necessary work. This can also prevent employees from being overwhelmed or underwhelmed. This not only increases the productivity of the employees, but also increases their satisfaction. At the same time, the administrative effort, which is already enormous in the public service, decreases.

With the help of ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, the planning effort in the public service is reduced and at the same time the planning quality increasesZEUS® Staff Scheduling helps you with optimal planning so that you have the necessary staff with the necessary qualifications available when you need them. A concept developed together with you and tailored to your needs and possibilities is the basis for ZEUS® Staff Scheduling, which is adapted to your requirements and introduced according to your specifications.