Security in the Municipality » with the modern ZEUS® Access Control

Professional locking systems and modern security concepts are essential for optimal security in municipalities today. The ZEUS® Access Control reliably and around the clock ensures security against unauthorized access to protect your employees, visitors, data, know-how and to protect your building and operating equipment. The electronic locking plan shows at all times who is authorized to open certain doors or who is allowed to pass through certain sections of the building. You can store temporary changes directly and easily. Access Control is the central linchpin within an individually scalable security concept.

Numerous municipalities are characterized by large and interconnected building complexes, which means that the security of the buildings plays a central role. The web-based ZEUS® Security Monitor represents the latest innovation from ISGUS. Data points for doors, windows, locks and motor bolts, cameras and links can be freely positioned on graphics such as floor plans. Data points are linked to the sensors and actuators of ZEUS® Access Control in order to visualize events or remotely control actions such as opening doors. Elements of the security monitor that are frequently required by the user, such as access areas, camera images, catalogs of measures and control elements, can be clearly arranged and called up on any dashboard.