Searching for staff in social networks

Headhunters, job fairs, advertisements. Meanwhile, the usual channels are no longer sufficient to find suitable personnel. E-recruiting has long since established itself in the application process. Thanks to digitalisation, application folders sent by post or manual processing via Excel lists are a thing of the past. Social networks are becoming increasingly popular in the search for candidates. Career platforms such as LinkedIn and XING offer a variety of service packages and promise professional support in the recruiting process. Other social media channels, such as Instagram or Facebook, are also important multipliers in the recruitment of qualified personnel. In the future, anyone who wants to conduct personnel management professionally will have no choice but to make efficient use of all digital options, such as e-recruiting or an intelligent workforce management system.

Searching for talent on career platforms
In the search for qualified candidates, the career platforms LinkedIn and XING are powerful levers. The sheer volume of data available and the speed with which searchers are "matched" are unbeatable. Not without reason is LinkedIn dubbed one of the "best-maintained databases". Despite its declining popularity, XING is still a serious competitor to the American company in German-speaking countries. What is the difference between the two networks? Both platforms started out as classic career portals. While XING has remained true to this original idea, LinkedIn is constantly expanding its platform and developing into a mouthpiece for technology leaders and industry trends.

Active on XING
Both LinkedIn and XING offer various options for presenting companies professionally and making use of the massive database. From free to tiered paid recruiting tools, companies can choose according to their company size and needs. The TalentManager and TalentService offerings make it easy for companies to actively approach candidates and draw from the entire data pool. But XING also offers the possibility of passively searching for suitable candidates via job advertisements. When selecting a suitable tool, it is advisable to carefully consider in advance which goals are being pursued and which product offers the best possible benefits.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions
LinkedIn makes it a little more convenient for candidates, candidates and companies to get in touch. For large and small companies, the algorithms of LinkedIn Recruiter or Recruiter Lite offer great potential for finding qualified personnel. Various filter functions make it easy to find suitable employees from the data pool and actively approach them. In addition, companies can present themselves as attractive employers to visitors with the Career Pages and Recruitment Marketing options and obtain helpful information on the development of the labour market via LinkedIn Insights.