Saving costs with the ISGUS Cloud

Many companies are reluctant to move their time recording or even their entire Workforce Management solution to the “Cloud”—ultimately, it is all about sensitive personal data and having full control over it. In addition, the costs of external services are often overestimated, while at the same time many opportunities and benefits tend to fade into the background. Companies often wonder whether the costs for a SaaS solution and its associated support services are higher than those incurred by a comparable on-premise solution running in the company’s own IT environment? Not necessarily!

In the ISGUS data centre, you benefit from an already existing system architecture into which your personal ZEUS® Workforce Management system can be easily and quickly integrated. As opposed to a classic on-premise solution, Software as a Service does not involve large investments in costly IT infrastructure on site, such as servers, operating systems, database licences, etc., which means little to no upfront capital expenditure. Additionally, the administrative expense for dedicated IT staff is eliminated, relieving or even freeing up internal resources for redeployment on core value-adding tasks. Moreover, you do not have to worry about data security and data privacy issues. Both from the perspective of the provider/user relationship and with regard to personal employee data, the ISGUS Cloud offers maximum security. The ISGUS data centre, certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, relies on regular backups and a modern update strategy.

Another decisive criterion for use is system availability: reaching 99.5%, the ISGUS data centre guarantees high availability which, undoubtedly, is above the availability usually achievable with on-premise installations. Furthermore, the modular design ensures easy system extensibility. All modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management can be flexibly extended and complemented to meet a company’s ever-changing business needs. The ISGUS data centre is ready for add-on modules and offers you the ideal performance from day one. This means that you benefit not only from a stable and predictable cost structure at the time of system introduction, but also when you decide to individually expand the system at a later stage.

As an ideal complement to the Software as a Service offer, the ISGUS app “ZEUS® mobile” can be integrated into your Workforce Management solution, which not only saves you money on software and hardware, but also allows you to benefit from increased mobile working efficiency of your staff.