Save costs with the ISGUS Cloud

Many companies shy away from using Time and Attendance and the entire Workforce Management in the cloud - after all, personal employee data and complete control over it are at stake. In addition, the costs of an external service are often overestimated, while at the same time many useful possibilities are pushed into the background. Aren't the costs of use and the associated support higher than in my own data centre? Not necessarily!

In the ISGUS data centre, you benefit from an existing system architecture into which your personal ZEUS® Workforce Management System can also be integrated. You do not have to deal with any installation, hardware provision or staff training. This also means that you do not have to invest in servers and databases and you save the paid working time of your IT staff for your own projects. You also don't have to worry about data protection. Both from the point of view of the provider-user relationship and with regard to personal employee data, the ISGUS Cloud offers optimum security - certified by ISO/IEC 27001, regular backups and a modern update strategy.

Availability is also crucial for use. ISGUS guarantees high availability of 99.5%, which in most cases is higher than that of your own IT. The expandability of the system is also important. All modules of ZEUS® Workforce Management can be expanded and used together as desired. Our data centre is already prepared for further modules and offers you ideal performance from day 1. This means that you benefit not only from a constant and plannable cost structure when introducing the system, but also when you decide to expand it individually.