Round Table of Human Ressource Management 2020

At the annual Round Table of Human Resource Management, ten experts met to discuss the current situation that industry is currently experiencing 2020. The ECJ Judgement for Time & Attendance and the call for more flexibility and security were the main challenges. Also present at the meeting was Klaus Wössner, Sales Manager of ISGUS.

At the start of the meeting all delegates were pleased to confirm, there is still an abundance of incoming orders. The consistently high demand can be explained, because Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions address different target groups and can therefore be used regardless of industry. Furthermore, changes in customer behaviour is also noticeable: there is a greater awareness of security and a growing technical affinity, which is leading companies to replace their existing systems with new, digital solutions. Cloud solutions are particularly in demand for greater mobility.

ISGUS with its Workforce Management solutions is therefore well prepared, now and in the future. The Software as a Service (SaaS) offer works very “fail-safe” within our own data centre and can also be integrated into the mobile app ZEUS® X mobile.

The high recognition of online solutions is explained by the generation change in the labour market, of which a large part now consists of digital natives. This also leads to the desire for more flexibility. Flexible labour times and labour time models, as well as independent working are completely normal. These and other new requirements also put the design of the ECJ ruling on Time & Attendance to the test.

So far companies are waiting for national implementation, especially small companies that do not as yet use time recording, they will actively look to implement it in the future. The demands on such a system are high, because the everyday life of these companies rarely resembles the other, which in turn points to mobile online solutions. It is therefore important for this group of experts, that the government provides guidelines as to which working hours must be recorded and how.

In addition to these points, a holistic workforce management can also be identified as a requirement. In addition to Time & Attendance and Access Control, Staff Scheduling should also be involved in more and more workflows, so that every single employee is involved. This can be done by simple time bookings up to requests for shift swapping or booking corrections. ISGUS already offers these options via the corresponding terminals or even mobile. New acquisitions are hardly ever implemented on-premise, but often directly in “the cloud”.

Finally, the experts discussed the structure of future projects. Customers increasingly demand agile project management, which also brings many advantages for manufacturers. Costly chance requests, which were common practise in the past, are no longer necessary and are replaced by short, repetitive production runs. This method, which is still new to many companies, will soon became an integral part of their working method and initiate a long-term learning process.

If you would like to learn more about the subject, flexibility and digitization of workforce management and how ISGUS can support you in the implementation, please contact us…