Protection of infection and company security

Company security is a high priority for many. This involves the building itself, the equipment, the companies know how, and the employees. The companies premise is often secured by a fence. Additionally, the doors are secured too, to avoid foreign intrusion. Those who would like to do without a doorman, often resort to access control systems, which can be operated by PIN entry or biometrics. In the current situation, these options are a further source of danger to be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. To do both, bypass these access readers and maintain the building security, they can be replaced by badge scanners. Contactless access is therefore possible.

All ISGUS hardware terminals are available in such a scanner version. Therefore, you cannot just offer contactless access, but also enable contactless time bookings. ISGUS terminals for Time & Attendance and Access Control offer not only comprehensive company security, but also secure your employees while reducing the risk of infection.