Production Data Capture in manufacturing » ZEUS® from ISGUS ensures transparency

Production Data Capture from ISGUS - More transparency is not possible! Production Data Capture provides manufacturing companies with a transparent overview of all production orders and thus important figures for controlling and the daily work of employees in production. Production Data Capture replaces the manual collection and transfer of production data and thus ensures a significant increase in efficiency in companies. In particular, digital Production Data Capture ensures that the relevant data is recorded seamlessly, thereby eliminating sources of error. In addition, it acts as the information centre for the entire company. All relevant employees have access to relevant data at all times, which makes processes transparent and increases the agility of the company. In manufacturing, this represents considerable added value, since possible improvement potential can be identified and implemented on the basis of objective and digital Production Data Capture, which means that processes can be reduced. As a result, the productivity of the company increases and employee motivation is increased through efficient work.

The digital Production Data Capture from ISGUS makes your production data transparent and has become indispensable in manufacturingZEUS® Production Data Capture helps to identify and improve weak points and optimization potentials in your production. ZEUS® Production Data Capture is just as individual as your company and can be adapted and scaled as required. Fast and safe recording - in all production areas, in design and development, the production data of orders, work steps and processes is recorded quickly, completely and error-free on the ISGUS PDC terminals, on mobile recording devices or via the intranet / internet. In addition, ZEUS® Production Data Capture offers simple project and order times and has an ERP connection to manufacturing. This guarantees error-free data collection and transmission.