Production Data Capture from ISGUS » Transparency and efficiency in production

Increasing the efficiency of your own production is crucial for sustainable competitiveness in modern manufacturing. In times of digitisation, intelligent production data capture provides actual data on processes and statuses in order to enable the optimization of work and production processes. Modern PDC solutions are embedded in the processes of various business areas. There they offer extensive automatic processes with which manufacturing companies can further develop their production in the sense of a smart factory. Efficiency can only be created through transparency and vice versa. The foundation of an effective and transparent production is a uniform and digital production data capture. Using this homogeneous data basis, processes can be made leaner, and the risk of errors can be minimized through automation. In addition, modern production data capture systems such as ZEUS® Production Data Capture from ISGUS enable the detection of weak points through target/actual comparisons.

Fast and safe recording - in all production areas, in design and development, the production data of orders, work steps and processes is recorded quickly, completely and error-free on the ISGUS PDC terminals, on mobile recording devices or via the intranet / internet. A comprehensive plausibility check ensures that the data is recorded without errors. ZEUS® Production Data Capture can be expanded and supplemented with ZEUS® Time & AttendanceZEUS® Access Control or ZEUS® Staff Scheduling at any time. We adapt our ZEUS® software solution individually to your company and your needs. Our customers benefit from optimal efficiency gains.