Press release on the ISGUS Social Days 2020

In 2020, ISGUS will again support social institutions within the framework of the Social Days, both financially and with active assistance. As for many years, one of these institutions was the Vesperkirche Schwenningen.

For the 17th time, it will open its doors from 19.01. - 16.02.2020 to provide many people in need of help with an inexpensive, warm meal. But it also offers like-minded people the opportunity to get into conversation and exchange ideas in a quiet atmosphere. For this purpose, up to 40 volunteers are needed daily to help with food or drink distribution, service, the scullery or the coffee shop.

The Vesperkirche needs not only financial support, as it is almost entirely financed by donations, but also active support, as it is completely implemented through volunteer work. Therefore, within the framework of the Social Days introduced in 2019, a number of apprentices were once again assigned to help the organisers with their enthusiasm and passion. In all areas they could alternately help, gain different experiences and meet many nice people.

In addition to the Schwenninger Vesperkirche, the Café Marie in Villingen was another institution that the apprentices chose to provide active support.

The Café Marie is a day care facility for senior citizens and is a useful addition to outpatient care, as it also relieves family members of the burden. Senior citizens in need of care can spend their day here before returning home in the evening to their familiar surroundings. They eat, play, make music and move around together.

Three of the six apprentices started the day with a joint breakfast in the morning. Afterwards they played a little and talked a lot. The second half started off with lunch and then spent the afternoon in Café Marie. Here again, besides some movement exercises, many nice conversations were held. The apprentices of ISGUS also helped the employees of the charitable institution with the organisation and planning of the day and the distribution of food.

With many interesting impressions the apprentices left these two institutions and are already looking forward to the ISGUS Social Days 2021.