Precise Staff Scheduling for » retails

The retail sector is characterised by long opening hours, strong fluctations in demand, different service concepts and high personnel costs. A service and cost optimized scheduling of sales staff is a decisive success factor. Also behind the scences, at logistics, a precise availability of employees becomes more and more important. 

Influencing criterias for an optimized Staff Scheduling are increasing rapidly. Beside legal, tariff and company-specific regulations, qualifications, employee preferences, breaking times, special offers and even the weather flow into planning. A professional tool for your Workforce Management is required, where your retail store can display complex scenarios in consideration of company-specific demands and where you precisely can schedule and control your employees. 

ZEUS® Staff Scheduling offer you a simple, quick and digital planning. This reduce your administrational effort significantly and provides more transparency through the online retievable view, that is available everywhere at any time. Added to this is more planning quality through automated suggestions. Finally, your retail company receive cost optimisation in the field of personnel organistation. And the most important: you get a higher employee satification through the simple consideration of employees preferences