Outsourcing ZEUS® software solutions to the ISGUS Cloud: a look at security, benefits and availability

The modern business world is increasingly characterised by digital solutions and companies are increasingly recognising the benefits of outsourcing their IT infrastructure to a cloud. ISGUS goes one step further and offers hosting of all data from ZEUS® Time and Attendance to ZEUS® HR Management in its own cloud. In this article, we take a closer look at this development and shed light on frequently asked questions.

What is a cloud solution?
Essentially, a cloud solution refers to the approach of no longer hosting data locally in your own IT infrastructure, but instead using external data centres. Companies that no longer want to operate databases and applications on their own company servers can utilise external services from a cloud provider instead. This transfers the maintenance, updating and backup of the software to this provider. ISGUS has established its own data centre for this purpose at the company headquarters in southern Germany.

What are the advantages of a cloud solution?
Cloud solutions improve the cost structure and at the same time offer more planning security for the IT budget. All technical, financial and human resources required for in-house operation for IT equipment, maintenance and system administration are eliminated with a cloud solution. Companies benefit from a more efficient use of resources and the advantages of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. The combination of the ZEUS® solution with the modules for Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Access Control and now also HR management, coupled with the advantages of the ISGUS data centre, creates decisive added value in a competitive environment.

How secure is the data in the ISGUS data centre?
The security of data in the ISGUS data centre is a top priority. The data centre is located in Germany and is therefore subject to strict data protection laws in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These laws set high standards for the protection of personal data and ensure its secure processing. In addition to the national data protection laws, the ISGUS data centre relies on ISO/IEC 27001:2017, an internationally recognised standard for information security management systems. This standard defines clear requirements and best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

When is the cloud solution available?
The ZEUS® Cloud solution, consisting of the application and database, is continuously available around the clock (24 x 7). Availability is ensured by the ISGUS data centre and achieves a high reliability of 99.5%. In most cases, this availability rate exceeds that of an in-house IT infrastructure. The permanent availability of the data means that users have unrestricted access to ZEUS® solutions.

Why do I need a cloud?
The cloud enables documents, data, photos, films and applications to be outsourced to external servers. This offers flexibility and mobility, as these resources no longer have to be processed and stored exclusively on internal servers. Due to increasing digitalisation, where available storage capacities are being used up faster and faster, in-house solutions are becoming less attractive. ISGUS is therefore increasingly focussing on the ZEUS® Cloud, as it follows the current trend.

Overall, outsourcing data to the ZEUS® Cloud not only offers efficiency and security, but also a clear competitive advantage in an increasingly digitalised business world.