Outsourcing in the ISGUS Cloud

SaaS systems don’t are trends, but an important part of digitization. However, many project responsible persons ask theirself if new workforce management software should be hosted on premise in their own IT environment or as a software as a service in an external data centre. Many prefer the own IT, because this seems to be more secure and more controllable. But also challenges occur that can be avoided by an external system. Common challenges are server reinstallations or updates. This causes downtimes and can directly be reflected in bad efficiency of your employees.

Those challenges can be avoided at the ISGUS data centre. With an availability of 99,5% your ZEUS® system is available around the clock and lies with it often above your own IT. The data centre is located on our premise which means German law applies and you can be sure your data is stored compliant to data protection regulations. This is proven by the ISO/IEC 27001 certification issued to the ISGUS data centre.

Another interesting aspect of a SaaS system are the costs. Customers got constant and plannable costs which are lower than the total cost of ownership. Likewise, no additional costs through system expansions and resulting server removals arise. Our consultants are always available if a problem occur, questions come up or further installations are pending. Your system is available all the time. Switch to the ISGUS Cloud now!