Our working world is becoming smart!

Our working world has changed. It has become more transparent, flexible and independent! Digitization has made many things possible. In the past, laboriously handwritten slips of paper, receipts and forms were passed through each department, but today a short entry via a terminal, PC, tablet or smartphone is sufficient. These are time and cost savings par excellence!

With the ZEUS® Time and Attendance software, ISGUS has cultivated the modern working world to a certain extent. The freedom to work regardless of location is already a significant advance in human history. The digital Time and Attendace, coupled with the Workforce Management of the ZEUS® family from ISGUS, meets the necessary requirements. Taking into account the legal and labor law requirements, all business processes converge in this system and display current data and processes in real time. Control and transparency are therefore possible at any time and any place. Important information reaches its addressee via push message. This gives security and builds trust in the employees.

ZEUS® Time and Attendace is part of every modern project management. All team members, whether in the office or from outside, can use the structured software to assign each work step to the respective projects, orders, cost units and cost centers. Fast, uncomplicated and without loss of time. This eliminates the need for costly evaluations and cost analyses. All you have to do is enter and the data is available to those responsible in an up-to-date and transparent manner. What a relief! Annoying work steps are a thing of the past - this makes work fun.

A current example shows the positive effects this has on employees. The day care center closes at short notice due to a corona outbreak. Normally, the parents would now have to pull out all the stops to activate neighbors, grandparents or friends. ISGUS takes the stress factor out. Thanks to the mobile ISGUS app, employees can either do their work from home, submit short-term vacation or interact via the shift exchange. Bookings and applications can be conveniently controlled via this app. An enormous relief when the family situation deteriorates again and a clear thumbs up for the work-life balance!

Work-life balance is becoming more and more part of our philosophy of life. With ZEUS® Time and Attendace, ISGUS provides the basis on which visionary work models are created. From the point of view of HR managers, work-life balance makes a significant contribution to improving the working atmosphere and motivating the workforce. A compelling argument when looking for suitable applicants.