Online time recording with ISGUS

In today's world, online time recording offers many advantages for employers, employees and companies from all industries. Especially the corona pandemic showed us, that transparency, flexibility and adaptivity are important to be economically successful. With the ISGUS solution for online time recording you simply integrate it into your working day and increase efficiency and effectiveness in your company. These accelerates personnel processes and minimizes annoying routine tasks.

Online time recording, in comparision with traditional solutions like time clocks or excel spreadsheets, integrate all employees at every location, so not just colleagues working in the office, but also at home or on the move via ZEUS® mobile app can record their working times. Additionally, up to date data and reports are always available, so you have the neccesary transparency over working times to be informed and able to do your absence planning or sending requests. 

You can use the online time recording from ISGUS either on premise in your own IT environment or as a outsoursing solution in the ISGUS Cloud. The funcionalities remain the same, but your administrative effort decrese a lot because we take care of server settings, back-ups and all neccessary things for a smooth process.

Take the next step towards digitising your administration with us.


To record working times online increases your flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, you simply access all the data of your workforce management system on the move with our mobile solution and are always part of time management.

Keep your employees informed and motivated with smooth processes of the time recording from ISGUS.