On the way to NEW NORMAL

The corona crisis requests for completely new approaches and solutions to professional interaction. How will the daily working life look like? Does my employer have a concrete plan? In addition, we observe with a somewhat anxious eye the still high infection figures in some places. No one knows how long the design goal of "distance", realised through virtuality or thinned-out office space, will accompany us for reasons of infection.

NEW WORK – just a hype? This is not to be expected, because while video conferencing and working at home were the exception before the pandemic, both are now part of people's everyday lives. The last few months have shown very convincingly how extensively work can be done from other locations. The extent and speed of the implementation of remote working was and is unexpectedly high.

Develop a digital working culture

Spatial distance requires a consistent confrontation with virtual vicinity and one's own communication behavior and perception preferences. If flexible forms of work are to really work, it must be ensured that there is intensive communication across all media possibilities. It is important that time for encounters is granted and valued and that the performance of "invisible" employees is also noticed and seen. The move away from a culture of presence cannot be achieved overnight. It must be practised in daily behavior and made visible.

From the "normal case office" to a hybrid, flexible and sustainable working world - is this the NEW NORMAL?

Corona actually will change the view to offices as the main workplace and the basic requirement of every employee to “go to work” is cleary shaken. In the meantime, there are several studies from which, in cooperation with companies, employees and service providers, a clearly positive balance emerges on the subject of home office. This concludes that home office can be realised in a bigger scale without any disadvantages arising from this. The same applies to the extent to which business trips can be handled virtually in the future, e.g. via video conferences.

Offer digital Workforce Management to make work easier

With the ISGUS solution your employees record their times independently and exactly there where they are active at the moment. Flexibly at any time with the device available in each case. Also personnel deployments can be scheduled simply, digitally and exactly there where the planer is working. Even in the home office or on the road, the digital entries, such as preferences or qualifications, provide exactly the information needed to plan the upcoming shift. ZEUS® Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling offer digital added value which you can also easily use on your smartphone or tablet thanks to ZEUS® mobile. Establish the NEW NORMAL in the management of your staff? No problem, with the solutions from ISGUS! Contact us.