Values such as independence, freedom and individuality have a great influence on employees today. The NEW WORK community follows these thoughts exactly putting personal growth and creativity in the foreground, instead of easy wage labour. NEW WORK describes the working world of the future.

Many companies have taken this NEW WORK philosophy to heart of their corporate culture and are increaslingly following this as a new route forward. The changes that come with that thinking are very comprehensive and have a far reaching effect operationally on the business. With NEW WORK employees are able to have working conditions and an environment that confirm to the task.

ISGUS ZEUS® Time and Attendance can adapt working times to corresponding workloads easily. ZEUS® manages your working time model, always conforming to your work agreements and tariff regulations. Shift plans are always accurate having been created from precise data. ZEUS® time and attendance is perfectly complemented by ZEUS® staff scheduling. With ZEUS® staff scheduling you can plan the right shifts for your employees meeting their work/life balance and retaining control of operational costs at the same time.

In addition, this concept allows for decentralised working, therefore creating a better balance between family and career. ZEUS® X mobile enables easy recording of your working times by smartphone or tablet on the move or at home.

NEW WORK requires "first class" organisation and coordination. With the help of ISGUS Workforce Management, this can be successfully implemented.