New Work: mobile Time and Attendance in the home office

The year 2020 gave the new work concept a huge addtional boost. The effects of the corona pandemic were noticably in companies of all sizes and industries and enabled new forms of working far beyond the German federal borders. To comply with distance and hygiene rules mobile work in the home office was and is the perfect alternative.

Therefore, the recording of working hours seems to be a problem, because employees didn't had access to the stationary Time and Attendance terminals any more. This problem can be solved with the solutions from ISGUS in the twinkling of an eye. Via the intuitively usable web terminal all employees still use all time management functionalities and simply access your ZEUS® system via a webbrowser. It doesn't matter wether you use your system in the ISGUS data centre or in your own IT environment.

Using ZEUS® mobileTime and Attendance in home offices is even more relieved. Smartphones are our permanent assistant and become through the ISGUS App usable for booking actions or requests, for example, for holiday's or flexitimes.This strenghtens the new work approach, let you work compliant to all corona regulations and offers a future-orientated alternative the work on premise.


Mobile work is a core requirement for a successful future. Flexible working time models and felixible Workforce Management systems offer many advanatges for employees and companies. With the ZEUS® mobile app, ISGUS offers you a time management system that can reflect this. It combines all the modules of workforce management and makes them available for mobile use. Highly individual and always up to date.