New Work became a requirement through the pandemic

Mobile work is the basis for future professional life. In many company’s New work has been established through the pandemic. Home office became necessary to minimize the risk of an infection. As a result, employees discovered a good or bad work life balance and are now focusing now the optimisation of these.

Not only employees, but also many employers see chances with digital working methods. Many decision makers enjoy the almost permanent accessibility of employees, which is possible through the connection of devices at home to the company’s network.

Despite the successful implementation of this short-term necessity, certain challenges, especially in the area of human resources management, have remained or become greater. Fast and easy access to data and applications is a mandatory requirement. Whether in the home office, at the workplace in the company or on a business trip, the usual applications must be available to employees exactly where they need them.

Employees in the personnel department naturally need access to the availability of the employees to be scheduled. However, it is much more difficult to obtain information if you work in a decentralised manner, as well as from the point of view of employees who are unable to attend a scheduled shift. With ZEUS®, this exchange of information can easily take place from exactly where you are.

With our solutions for mobile time recording and staff scheduling, this freedom, which is independent of location, is no longer an obstacle. Wherever you are, you have the option of making the usual clock-in and clock-out bookings via the Internet as well as creating workflow requests and having them approved by your supervisor.

Since the personnel deployment is also available on smartphone and tablet mobile, a quick reaction is possible in case of need. This not only provides employees with a better overview, but also relieves the burden on superiors in the company. Let us advise you individually on our workforce management! We will find the perfect mix of solutions, based on your needs.