NEW NORMAL » Corona as a boost for the digitisation of your Workforce Management

Since many years we notice, that the working world is changing. The term NEW WORK is on everyone's lips and the movement of new work is taking more and more shape. Digital transformation is on the rise. Additionally, the special situation during the corona crisis has created a uncompareable climate of change which creates a new normality.This NEW NORMAL in the working world gives new impetus to mobile and virtual forms of organisaition, work and learning, provided that the basic organisation of work allows for this.

The NEW NORMAL also includes virtual communication and cooperation, which became a necessity in the Corona crisis, and enhances the daily work. Business models and processes have been digitised and mobility behaviour has changed as a result of the experience gained. Companies have recognised that the digital path also leads to a solution and is often even faster. Even if many things are still proceeding according to the motto "trial and error", it can still be seen that the courage to try something new has increased and the digital transformation is thus finding its way into many processes.

Digitisation of your Workforce Management is one of these examples. With the ISGUS solution, your employees record their times independently exactly there, where they are active at the moment. Flexibly at any time and with the respectively available device. Even Staff Schedules can be planned simply, digitally, and exactly there where the planner is working. Even in home office or from on the move, digital entries such as preferences or qualifications provide excatly the information whose are needed to schedule an upcomming shift. ZEUS® Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling offer you digital added value which can be used via smartphones or tablets, thanks to ZEUS® mobile.