Need for "new leadership" in the new working world

Currently, the managers’ top priority is keeping their employees motivated. But how can decision makers be successful in leading their employees through these challenging times?

The digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic heavily affects business leaders facing them with remarkable challenges. At the same time, more than ever, they have to assume a key role and look ahead. On the one hand, they have to face the crises with spirit of reinvention retooling their company for the digital transformation process and for future corporate success. On the other hand, they need to take care of the employees’ concerns about work, keep them engaged and organize an efficient remote team management supporting effective teamwork and collaboration. And it is not a secret that many managers are less likely to achieve this through directive leadership rooted in control than through a participative leadership style.

Those who want to retain their employees for the long-term should develop a new management style. This “new leadership” combines classic management style elements with a high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy involved in everyday work. It is therefore a matter of mindful leadership by the management and department heads.

The working world is currently changing rapidly. Therefore, it is worth to have a closer look on the working conditions and on so far untapped potentials. With flexible working models, such as flexitime or home office, you can motivate your employees by offering them a self-determined way of working. With the innovative time management solution from ISGUS you can easily create different working time models in line with individual employment agreements as well as collective agreements. Ideally, ZEUS® Time Management is complemented by ZEUS® Staff Scheduling to ensure accurate accounting of employees. Thanks to the integrity of the two solutions, you can foster a better work-life balance for your employees to further boost their motivation and commitment.

With the help of ZEUS® solutions from ISGUS, you can equally succeed in implementing and integrating the “New Leadership” concept in your company.