Mobile Work in the NEW NORMAL

The new normal is characterised by fewer fixed jobs and the explicit desire of employees for more flexibility. Since this was established on short-term due to the pandemic, the search is now on for long-term solutions. Thereby, Workforce Management can support you on your way to more mobility.

Decentralised work, often equally used with remote work, is one of the main party of NEW NORMAL. New infrastructures are required for organisation, because previous ways of working were rarely designed for such a high degree of flexibilty. Beside classical locations like office and home office, increasingly often third-party workplaces are used, as the work can be done completely location-independent. 

These mobile ways of working must be covered, and Workforce Management is supporting you. Thanks to the ISGUS solution ZEUS®, you have an overview about your time accounts, current absence planning, and additionally see who of your colleagues is active where anytime and from everywhere. Next to Time and Attendance, you can use Staff Scheduling mobile to organise upcomming shifts. This creates virtual vicinity instead of the distance and leads to more agile and more flexible workforce

Via the ISGUS app ZEUS® mobile all advantages are not only available via the web at a PC or laptop, but can be used conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. Always with up-to-date data so you are omptimally integrated into the the copmany-wide workforce management.