Mobile Work - Benefits and implementation

Modern office jobs can completely be done location-independent. The corona crisis has impressively shown how good this is already working. It can therefore be assumed that mobile working will further still be a fixed part of the future working world. In the management of staff, many companies still have room for improvements. 

For employers, home offices are a cheap alternative to the renting of traditional office rooms. In addition, it provides employees with many freedoms and especially flexibility in working times creation. That's why many companies will hesitate to completely return to the previous presence system. In mobile work, the ability to deal with new online and cloud components to manage employees is an important feature that is gaining relevance. The location-independent recording of working hours, the submission of applications, or the planning of employee assignments requires a technically modern system. On the one hand, the mobile availability of the system is important, on the other hand, security plays a major role, especially for IT experts. Both can be ideally implemented with the ISGUS solution.

Using your workforce management in an external data centre may seem unsafe and impractical at first. However, the opposite is the case. In the ISGUS Cloud, you can access your ZEUS® software completely independent of location and rely on the security of the data at all times. The security in the ISGUS data centre is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 and thus meets the highest security requirements. Furthermore, the availability of the system is guaranteed around the clock - as long as you have an existing Internet connection. As a future-proof solution for mobile working, ZEUS® SaaS already increases your cyber resilience today and contributes to making your processes simpler, more efficient, and digital. Time and Attendance and Staff Scheduling are thus transformed from cumbersome workarounds into integrated workflows that make your work in the home office easier.