Mobile Time & Attendance with the smartphone for sales employees » anywhere & anytime with ISGUS

The pandemic strengthened digitization and also caused a change in the demand for goods. In the first year of the pandemic, companies that had suffered badly from the crisis in particular pushed ahead with digitization projects. These companies primarily wanted to secure their existence. In the meantime, however, it has become apparent that many companies expect that customer behavior will change in the long term and that more digital services will be desired. The change in customer behavior is accompanied by a change in the current working time models. As a result, mobile and hybrid forms of work became more important. Sales staff are now faced with the challenge of combining the new requirements of customers with the newly created working time models in order to be successful in the long term. At this point, mobile working in particular plays a central role in order to be able to individually support the customer on site.

Against this background, mobile Time & Attendance with smartphones is becoming increasingly important for sales employees. The sales recipe for success in the New Normal will be to meet customer requirements anytime and anywhere and to sell digital services. Thanks to the ISGUS app, this can be implemented very easily and you can record working times reliably and at any time, regardless of location. In addition, your sales staff can use the ZEUS® mobile app to apply for workflow requests for corrections, absences and business trips, and you can conveniently approve your employees’ requests on your smartphone. Record working hours and productive times wherever they arise. Apply for or approve workflow requests while on the go, find out about the current attendance overview and the planned personnel deployment and use the shift exchange where you need it - mobile on the go. Benefit from the newly gained agility in your sales with ZEUS® Time & Attendance and the ZEUS® mobile app.