Minister of Health Lauterbach blocks electronic certificate of incapacity for work

Digitisation in the health sector is progressing only slowly. From July 2022, the transmission of the sick note should only be in digital form. Now, Health Minister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach has stopped the introduction of the electronic certificate of incapacity for work and the electronic prescription for an indefinite period of time.

What is not yet 100 percent mature cannot be brought into the mainstream, he said at the "Praxis-Check" event organised by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians on 03 March 2022.

Since January 2021, prescriptions and certificates of incapacity for work should be able to be transmitted electronically between doctors' practices and health insurance funds. By June 2022, the changeover should have been completed and the classic sick note should no longer serve as a certificate for the employer, but only as proof for the employee himself. Now, those with statutory health insurance must continue to submit their sick notes to their employers in paper form.

ISGUS has always planned with foresight and has worked closely as a software partner with DATEV eG and with the Institute for Municipal Data Processing in Bavaria (AKDB) for many years. State-of-the-art API technology would have allowed ISGUS to take this digital step in the healthcare sector with ZEUS® Workforce Management. Now ISGUS has to put off its customers until the digital prerequisites in the healthcare sector are in place.