Mandatory recording of working hours comes into force with immediate effect

In addition to the previous legal obligation to record overtime and Sunday work, all working time must now be documented. Companies without a modern, digital time recording system will fall behind when it comes to meeting the legal requirements of the new law.

ZEUS® Time & Attendance system in a modern working world

It is impossible to imagine a modern working world without digital Time & Attendance. Many parameters such as flexible working hours in part-time or full-time work, shift work, home office, company requirements, individual service agreements and collective bargaining and legal regulations must be recorded without error and documented without gaps. If employees from trust-based working time are added, this cannot be managed manually. It can only be done with an intelligent system like the ZEUS® Time & Attendance system. Every process is mapped in it and makes it possible to automatically record and save data.

The working world remains mobile

The mobile working time models that have developed in recent years can no longer be turned back. Highest flexibility, location-independent working and individual working hours have become standards in many sectors, which are demanded by employees. In order to map this new form of working in compliance with the law, one cannot avoid using modern software. Automatic recording on a smartphone or tablet via an app or stationary via a terminal are necessary for this.

On cloud nine with ISGUS

With the ever-increasing demands of the modern working world and the new legal requirements, the amount of data to be processed is also increasing. Additional data is added and must be stored and processed. ISGUS has also developed a suitable solution for this in order to store sensitive data securely. ZEUS® SaaS is ISGUS' own cloud solution. It relieves companies of hosting on their own computers and takes over administrative tasks, including updates. All data is stored in a cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Costs are only incurred if the work is done. In addition, the security of the data is guaranteed according to DGSVO, as the server is located on the company's own premises in Germany.