Knowledge transfer around the digital world of work

In the flood of information and constant change in the digital working world, it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Keeping up to date and exploiting all the possibilities of digitalisation is no easy task. For this reason, we at ISGUS have created a knowledge library with useful and helpful information. Here you will find everything you need to know about our software solutions for the digital world of work. Take the time to find out about current topics and all the functions of ZEUS® Workforce Management and acquire valuable knowledge. Relax and browse through our pages and enrich your knowledge with our brochures or sit back and find out about efficient working methods and cost-saving resource planning with the help of our video library.

Topics from our video library:

  • What is behind the new HR Management software tool?
  • What does ZEUS® Workforce Management mean?
  • What events and messages does the ZEUS® Security Monitor manage?

ISGUS advertising material:

Detailed brochures are available for our readers for each product category. They can familiarise themselves intensively with the functions and possible applications of our modules for HR Management, Time and Attendance, Production Data Capture, SAP connection, Access Control or Staff Scheduling and receive helpful information.

Stay up to date:

Of course you have the opportunity to keep up to date with news, market trends and the latest developments in our newsletter.