ISO 9001 Certification: Quality management as a success factor

We consider customer satisfaction in line with high-quality products and services of paramount importance to our company. Therefore, we have relied on an integrated, efficient and sustainable quality management system for many years that helps us to continuously optimize our processes and holistically improve corporate performance.

Our quality management is based on the nationally and internationally most widespread ISO 9001 standard which lays down the minimum requirements to be applied to a company’s quality assurance and process optimisation. These requirements are aimed at different key areas, including the context of the organisation, leadership, planning as well as the support ensuring the provision of adequate resources required to operate an effective QM system. In addition, the standard specifies various requirements for the company-specific planning processes, the creation of products and services as well as performance evaluation and improvement.

We at ISGUS have been relying on the principles and guidelines set out in the ISO 9001 standard for years. Therefore, our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 requirements. For us, ISO 9001 certification represents an unmistakable seal of approval standing for continuous process improvement and company-wide adherence to approved quality standards. At the same time, the certification is our commitment to the market, underlining our high quality standards and strong customer focus since YOU are important to us.