ISGUS ZEUS® mobile APP - always mobile and up-to-date

Always stay up to date... Rely on the new mobile solution from ISGUS ZEUS® mobile for your employees.
Smartphones have become our daily companions. More and more, mobile devices are becoming all-rounders and everyday helpers. Take advantage of this for your workforce and make a clear decision for the ISGUS ZEUS® mobile app.

Gone are the days when employees continuously forget their transponders at home or when time sheets are recorded by hand for out-of-office assignments. Because what does an employee actually always carry with them and rarely if ever lose? His smartphone and thus his personal booking terminal! This function as a terminal has a completely different status with your employees on their personal smartphone and is therefore also better protected against misuse - an important security aspect. In addition, communication from the smartphone only takes place as encrypted transmissions to the ZEUS® host service.

Your employees record their working and project times with the mobile smartphone app anytime and anywhere. ZEUS® mobile is an app for mobile time and data recording via smartphone or tablet PC. For Time and Attendance, mobile working also means recording working and project times where they occur, if desired also with geodata.

Create workflow requests for corrections, absences and business trips and accept your employees' requests conveniently on your smartphone. You always have information about the planned staff and those currently present in your area of responsibility at your fingertips. And when ZEUS® sends you automatic notifications, you receive a push message on your smartphone or tablet.

Record working time and productive time wherever they occur. Request or approve workflow requests while on the move, find out about the current attendance overview and planned staff deployment and use the shift swap exchange where you need it - mobile while on the move! With ZEUS® mobile, you always have your Workforce Management with you.