ISGUS Year of "Looking after your Back"

The Health Day is the kick-off event of an entire theme year in which 2020 will focus on the back. At several lectures, workshops, checks and information stands, employees were able to obtain information and exchange views with experts. Individual measurements were offered throughout the day, which provided participants with information about their own fitness level, deficits and imbalances.

Lectures highlighted common mistakes in everyday office life and general causes that can cause pain in the back, neck or shoulder area. After the theory came the practical exercises, these were included to show how to prevent pain, poor posture and other problems. This ranged from simple exercises while standing, to more complex exercises with the fitness band or on the floor.

The apprentices were also involved in the Health Day. They prepared a snack bar where you could try healthy spreads, dips and much more.

After this successful start to the theme year 2020, many more activities will follow. In March, the Back-Fitness-Challenge will take place, where employees will be introduced to further exercises to strengthen their backs. The internal Steps Battle in May is then the ideal introduction to the company run in Villingen-Schwenningen. Many companies from Villingen-Schwenningen and the surrounding area take part and not only do something good for their health, but also support aid projects in the region with part of their entry fee. A fitness workshop, in cooperation with a regional physiotherapy practice and a cooking course round off the ISGUS health offer.

However, it is not just a local Villingen-Schwenningen initiative but also includes the all the other German ISGUS distribution centres. The biggest project takes place in Frankfurt, where the employees participate in the J.P. Morgan Run and complete hopefully the complete the 5.6km long distance with over 60,000 other runners.