ISGUS plays the music of the future – the new emblem of workforce management

Companies and institutions can only follow this Spirit of the times with modern technologies. For us, this is an incentive and inspiration to continuously drive our Workforce Management system forward and support our customers with consistency and innovative solutions. In this context, today we are presenting our new emblem with enhanced functions that will enable us to shape the future of modern HR Management and corporate security. Our cutting-edge solutions will not only save you time and resources, but also improve the accuracy and security of your data management.

Behind our new emblem are six modules with individually scalable software solutions that make the world of HR Management much simpler and more efficient.

Be curious:

HR Management – Process management made easy

HR Management is a central component of every organisation. The seamless integration of employees into the company and their smooth departure are crucial for a seamless transition. Our new ISGUS module for HR Management makes this even more convenient. Our Personnel management provides an efficient solution for managing employee information and eliminates tedious paperwork from the past. Fast travel expense recording makes the process of reimbursing business expenses much easier by enabling transparent recording and accounting. With ISGUS, your HR Management is not only simpler, but also much more streamlined.

Time recording – manage absences effectively

Time recording is a key element of HR Management. The high level of flexibility offered by ZEUS® Time and Attendance not only allows working hours to be recorded accurately, but also enables the management of absences and the possibility of submitting digital holiday requests. At the same time, the seamless transfer of wage data to the payroll system makes payroll accounting much easier. This is where the technical mechanisms ZEUS® Time and Attendance and ZEUS® Staff Scheduling come into play and speed up the processes.

Staff scheduling – efficient resource management with ISGUS

Staff Scheduling is another critical aspect of HR Management. ISGUS offers tools for monitoring demand coverage, for shift swapping and for setting up a shift exchange. Shift swapping and the shift exchange as a tool for customised staff scheduling are helpful functions that contribute significantly to increasing the performance and well-being of employees. Overall, ZEUS® Staff Scheduling enables customised and economical management of work resources, which not only increases productivity but also promotes the quality of life of employees.

Modern Access Control – reliable protection for people, buildings and data

ZEUS® Access Control guarantees optimum protection for your employees, guests, buildings and company equipment. It also protects sensitive data and valuable expertise from unauthorised access by third parties. Every security requirement is unique and is influenced by individual factors such as the spatial conditions and legal regulations for fire protection and escape routes. To ensure that your security measures are optimally tailored to your specific situation, we offer a comprehensive security system. This includes badge/transponder technology, the testing of biometric identification options and the use of a wide range of technical options for Access Control.

Production Data Capture – project times under control

Precise capture of production data is crucial for tracking the progress of projects. With our innovative system, we not only enable the accurate recording of project times, but also seamless communication with your ERP system. This enables you to react to delays in good time and ensure that projects are completed on schedule. At the same time, it helps you to optimise the allocation of resources and complete projects on time.

SAP communication – seamless integration into the company structure

Corporate Security and HR Management require smooth communication with other company systems. We always think one step ahead and integrate our systems perfectly into your existing infrastructure. With ZEUS® CONNECT 4 FOR SAP HCM, we are the ideal partner for SAP users. Corporate security is significantly improved by the integration of HR-PDC and S4 Hana, which ensures a high level of data security and system integrity.

The effort has been worth it: with our further developments in the areas of HR Management and Corporate Security, our customers worldwide benefit on their way to a modern working world. Our six modules offer a comprehensive solution to make your Workforce Management system more efficient and secure. With integration into the ISGUS Cloud and the option of mobile use with ZEUS® mobile, our customers are ideally equipped to meet the constantly changing requirements of the world of work.