ISGUS - on the pulse of time

Intelligent and efficient - software solutions for modern workforce and time management

ISGUS has been a leading solution provider for digital workforce management for many years. As the world of work has changed, our software solutions have also evolved and today meet the pulse of the times. We are aware that the requirements of the New Work Generation can only be met with sophisticated digital technologies. That's why our solutions are trimmed for performance. More than 15,000 customers worldwide use ISGUS ZEUS® software solutions and appreciate our wide range of services.

Added value that counts

Evaluations from our Workforce Management speak a clear language. Customers from industry, the public sector and health care who use ZEUS® Staff Scheduling can implement their duty schedules 95 percent more accurately. At the same time, administrative savings of over 60 percent and a 30 percent increase in productivity are possible. We optimize your staffing requirements by automating working hours, staff availability and qualification. Added value that counts for you.

Maximum flexibility and efficiency gains

The precise interaction between routine tasks, standard processes and individuality is elementary for maximum flexibility and efficiency gain. ISGUS Workforce Management is a professional in understanding complex processes and processing data. Our various modules Time & Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Production Data Capture and Corparte Security interlock, correspond and become one unit. This is digitization at the highest level. Security that you should not do without.

Agile and mobile

Mobility and agility belong in the modern working world like butter on bread. However, without digital support, this is difficult to achieve. The ZEUS® mobile app and the ZEUS® SaaS cloud solution were developed for this purpose. These create the desired framework conditions to win over employees. Self-determined working, flexible working hours, remote working - everything is possible. Increase employee satisfaction and present yourself as an attractive employer.

Digitization is like a huge highway full of data. Faster and faster, higher and higher. To manage this data stream in compliance with the law, we have set up our own ISGUS data center at our site in Villingen-Schwenningen. It is important to us that your data is in safe hands with us. That's why we do everything we can to ensure the security of your data; it is protected in accordance with German law.