ISGUS News Edition 42

These days, in light of the current geopolitical situation and the suffering of the Ukrainian people, it is difficult to continue with ‘business as usual’. This is why the ISGUS Group recently made a substantial donation to help alleviate the suffering of the people in Ukraine as well as the war refugees. Read more about the ISGUS engagement in this ISGUS News edition. Also learn more about our new IT8210 Face Recognition terminal, the biometric solution for contactless and quick identification of employees, allowing for everything from simple time bookings to a variety of smart employee-self-service functions. Another ISGUS innovation is the Security Monitor which is based on the latest web-socket technology and ideally complements our ZEUS® Access Control solutions. With the new ZEUS® smartID App we introduce the possibility to make time and access bookings with your smartphone. And last but not least, read about the redesigned ZEUS® X User Interface that translates into improved employer experience offering manifold customisation options and enhanced navigation. We hope you enjoy reading and that you discover valuable ideas for further customising and improving your ZEUS® Workforce Management.