ISGUS brings order to the travel expense chaos

ZEUS®X Business Trip Accounting minimises administrative effort.

Taxi receipts, hospitality vouchers, hotel bills and co... Many business travellers groan when it comes to accounting after major trips. Some people lose track of everything and the chaos of receipts is perfect. This is not the case with digital travel expense recording, which the ZEUS® Time & Attendance software offers with the business trip accounting module. The workflow request is created as an independent process in the system before the trip begins. The per diem is calculated automatically. Receipts can be quickly recorded during the trip, easily uploaded and directly assigned to the transaction. After the trip, all it takes is the push of a button and the travel expenses are sent directly to the superior before they are paid out via payroll accounting.

Which costs are relevant?

Classical are travel expenses to a destination and back. Provided these are covered by private or rental car or by plane, train or taxi and are outside the own city limits. The settlement of public transport costs is relatively simple, as these are usually documented with an invoice. Journeys by private car, on the other hand, are charged either at a flat rate of 0.30 cents per kilometre or at a rate per kilometre. But this can also be entered and stored in just a few steps via the intuitive control panel of the ISGUS business trip accounting system. In addition, there are accommodation costs, which are documented in the system by uploading hotel bills or rental receipts. Per diems for meals are valued differently depending on the country and location. These are already stored in the system and are selected and calculated. In addition, there are many small amounts such as parking fees, tips, tolls, which are declared as incidental travel expenses.

Why is a travel expense report important?

Companies are not legally obliged to prepare travel expense reports. Employees also have the option of claiming these expenses on their income tax return. However, the tax office wants proof that the trip is actually a business trip. This requires transparent documentation with all receipts. Via the business trip accounting system, this documentation can be clearly depicted and substantiated, thus avoiding annoying requests for proof.

Preconfigured and variable

Various templates are already stored and pre-configured in the business trip accounting programme. This means that different modules can be put together and graphically adapted as required. This means that different daily rates depending on the country and trip or different means of travel and accommodation costs can be created in advance with the corresponding effort and transferred to all trips. The administration and entry of expenses is thus easy to handle for everyone, saving time and nerves. All that is required is approval by the supervisor, and the expense report is transferred to the payroll system via an interface. This is another advantage of the workflow management system, which simplifies the process and thus reduces effort and costs.