Innovative ZEUS® mobile app for efficient workforce management

The rapid change in the world of work demands solutions that promote agility and effectiveness. Companies need innovative software solutions to optimise their work processes and give employees more autonomy and self-determined working. ZEUS® mobile App from ISGUS is an elementary component of a comprehensive workforce management system. This advanced technology revolutionises the world of work through the unrestricted use of time and attendance, staff scheduling and production data capture, regardless of location.

ISGUS software solutions are known for their standard versions for time recording and management via PC and terminal. The ZEUS® mobile app is another step in the evolution of labour management. The app provides companies and employees with all the functions of the well-known standard versions in a mobile application for the iOS, Android and MS Windows operating systems free of charge.

Revolutionary changes:
Not only the working world is changing - we at ISGUS are always striving to optimise and adapt our solutions. In the future, our ZEUS® mobile app will appear in a new design for our cloud and on premise customers, which convinces with fresh colours. In a dark mode, our app adapts individually to your environment and offers more comfort. Our changes make ZEUS® mobile a fully-fledged Microsoft app for Windows PCs. Also new - thanks to a QR code, you will in future have the option of logging in directly. You will already know this procedure from our SmartID.

The advantages speak for themselves!

Mobility and autonomy:
The ZEUS® mobile app enables employees to enter, retrieve and check their work data regardless of time and place. A classic example is the situation of a sales representative. He spends most of his time on the road visiting customers and closing deals. With the help of the ISGUS mobile app, he can record his working hours directly from his smartphone and easily assign them to each customer appointment. During his travels, he has direct access to his data and can check his targets wherever he is. This flexibility allows the employee to manage his workflow efficiently, act autonomously and make the best use of his time.

Fast application processing:
Supervisors and HR managers can approve or reject requests, manage bookings and view time accounts via the ZEUS® mobile app. This speeds up the approval process considerably and ensures smooth communication between employees and managers. If an employee needs a day of leave at short notice, there is no need for a cumbersome request form and a signature from the supervisor. In just a few steps, the request can be set up via the app and automatically sent to the supervisor. If approved, the leave day is automatically stored in the system and the employee immediately receives confirmation. This process not only saves time, but also ensures transparent communication.

Seamless process optimisation for efficient payroll management:
The mobile app from ISGUS seamlessly maps complex digital processes from time recording to data transfer to payroll. This seamless process mapping not only simplifies workflows, but also minimises the risk of manual errors. An example: Companies with many employees working in shifts and variable working hours face the challenge of carrying out payroll accounting for each employee individually. The mobile app from ISGUS helps to manage this complex process efficiently. Whereas in the past data of shift workers, such as overtime and bonuses, still had to be recorded by hand and laboriously entered into the payroll system, today every employee can record their working hours, overtime directly and precisely via their smartphone using the ZEUS® mobile app. The app automatically calculates the salary data based on the allowances and legal requirements and transfers them to the payroll system. The automatic transfer of the correct data ensures the accuracy of the payroll and significantly reduces the administrative effort.

Real-time data for transparent work management:
Thanks to our app, everyone involved has access to real-time data at all times. Employees can view operating data and bookings from anywhere at any time, while supervisors maintain a clear overview of production processes. In large production companies, several teams usually work at different production stations. For example, a machine operator can see on his tablet how much time he has spent at a particular machine and how many parts have already been produced. At the same time, the production manager can monitor the current status of each machine from his office and ensure that the workload is evenly distributed. In such a scenario, the real-time data function of the ZEUS® mobile app helps to increase efficiency and productivity. This is because employees can react proactively to changes, bottlenecks or fluctuations in demand.

ISGUS ZEUS® mobile represents a pioneering solution for modern workforce management. It combines flexibility, autonomy and efficiency and enables companies to optimise their work processes and involve employees in the management of their work data. With this innovative app, companies are well equipped to successfully meet the challenges of the digital world of work.